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The demolition of Jannatul-Baqi on 8 Shawwal,1345AH(April 21,1925) at the hands of Al-e-Saud was a great tragedy in the history of Islam.
Jannat-ul-Baqi is simply a graveyard but Muslims all over the world attach it a high importance because it is situated in Madinat-ur-Rasool Where besides great companions of prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)his infallible progenitor Imam Hasan Ibn Ali (2nd Imam), Imam Ali Ibn Al-Husayn (4th imam), Imam Muhammad Ibn Ali (5th imam), & Imam Ja`far Ibn Muhammad (6th imam), peace be upon them, are buried.

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Starting a University is an exciting venture for all involved. To find the financial support and the staff for something that for years was only a distant dream is so exhilarating that people can lose track of practical considerations.

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One of the causes of success is focus or total attentiveness. As a consequence of centering thoughts on a single point the mind remains attached to it. Then even the hardest hurdle cannot weaken the man’s concentration.
Focus is for work what a lever is for lifting weights.The principle of a lever is that force concentrates at one point, which makes it easy to lift up heavy objects. Similarly by concentrating the mental powers on a single point one is able to solve complex problems.

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